The gallery Döbele GmbH in Dresden looks back at more than four decades of commitment to the arts where, in addition to the employment of classical modernism, always stood out the relation to contemporary art. Founded in 1976 by ​​Johann Döbele in Ravensburg, headquartered in Stuttgart from 1985 to 2000, the gallery Döbele presented its program on the big art fairs in Basel and Cologne, which, especially in the 1980s, also remained determined by an intense commitment to the Dresden art (then little known in the West).

After the peaceful revolution, the headquarters of the gallery shifted entirely to the Saxon Elbe river, where the gallery had been residing from 1995 until 2019, now led by Hedwig Döbele, in the more bourgeois district Blasewitz-Striesen.

In historic neighborhood to the castle and to the stable yard gallery Döbele opened their branch in the Schössergasse 29 on 31 March 2012. The showroom was part of the newly formed district VIII between Kanzleigässchen and Sporergasse and thus joins the galeristic tradition of this area - once started by the Arnold Gallery, which existed until 1934 in Schloßstraße.

From 2016 onward Hedwig and Johann Döbele have continued their work from Mannheim, a city in South-West Germany near Heidelberg, famous for its rich cultural scene.

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